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Technical Features
Smart Phone/Tablet Apps: Free for all subscribers, you’ll love our TWO FREE apps, which will work for iPhones/iPads and also Android phones and tablets.
  • Draft Guru iPhone/iPad and Android Apps – The day has come in which you can actually draft your fantasy team using only your phone! The Draft Guru app has a mock draft mode where you can select your draft position and practice drafting, and it also has a “real draft” mode where you can actually use it to maximize and 
  • dominate your live draft. You can select keepers for all teams, use IDPs, queue up players to be drafted on a watch list, add in flex positions, and much more. The app currently has 4 stars on iTunes and will once again have more upgrades and improvements for 2016, including an export feature that allows you to save results, post-draft rankings of all the teams in the draft based on projected total points, support for 16-team and 20 rounds, and more. We expect to have the Apple and Android version of this app (two separate phone/table versions for each) in the Google Play Store by late-June/early July. FREE with your 2016 subscription.
  • MyGuru App – This year, we’re going to continue to advance this app so users will truly get FantasyGuru.com on their phones. Custom rankings, lineup suggestions, news, injury reports, depth charts, tons of easy-to-find articles, our podcasts and Twitter feed, and more. FREE with your 2016 subscription.
  • Player Previews iPhone/iPad App – This new app is more of a luxury in 2016. Current subscribers can obviously access our massive player previews (over 275,000 words) on the site in June, but for those interested in reading them on an iPad or iPhone, they will be customized for viewing on those devices (sorry, no android). They will be available this summer in the iTunes store as an app for a small fee.
  • Mobile-friendly site – We are completely rebuilding the site in 2016, so by summertime when it launches, users will have a mobile-friendly site from which it can easily be viewed on a smart phone. So if you don’t like using the app, you can actually get more of the site on your phone.
Downloadable Tools: Download these various tools and put the power of technology + our projections to work for you!
  • Auction Guru Excel Tool – This tool assists you in auction drafts, updating optimal price and strategy information in real-time. Before your draft, you enter all the basic info for your league (scoring system, number of owners in your league, number of players at each position, etc.). The tool will calculate an estimated “highest bid” for each player. In addition to using our projections as the baseline for dollar values, we actually incorporate Mike Horn’s 2016 Price Tiers for the various positions into this tool, so it has 2016-specific auction intelligence built in. As players get drafted, you enter the bid amount and the team they went to. The tool then updates values for players (based on our projections) in real-time, adjusting for factors like: owners over or under-bidding for players (adjusts value of other guys left), whether owners have filled their slots for starters and likely reserves, and other key stuff. It essentially gives you updated “best bids” based on how the draft has gone so far. New features include a “search” button to find players quickly (makes life easier in the heat of the auction!), increased number of players allowed on each roster, a “printable team roster” page for when the auction is done, and the ability to import your scoring system and keepers from an older version of the tool (so when new projections come out you don’t have to re-enter your info). INCLUDED with your 2016 subscription.
  • Draft Analyzer Software In 2016 we will once again offer our subscribers a license for the award-winning Draft Analyzer software, which is a $24.95 value. Powered by FantasyGuru.com projections, users can use this powerful program to draft, mock draft, and more. Assign keepers, trade draft picks, and more customization for the browser-based software. Also included is a downloadable program to use if you need to draft offline. FREE with your 2016 subscription.
  • Draft Guru Web App: If you prefer, you can use the web-based version of our Draft Guru app on the site. This web app will work on a PC or a Mac and is a fantastic tool for running quick and easy mock drafts or analyzing your real drafts as they happen in real time or after the fact. And the best part? The version of the software posted on our site is synced up with FantasyGuru.com, so all of our projections, rankings, and recommendations are built right into the software. As we update our projections (at least) twice a week, they are also updated in the software. INCLUDED with your 2016 subscription.
  • 2016 Excel Pro Draft Tool: Using this downloadable, stand-alone Excel program, easily track and manage your online or offline drafts, and use the tool to maximize your Value-Based Drafting and much more. INCLUDED with your 2016 subscription.
  • 2016 Excel Simple Draft Tool - This is a tool non-expert Excel users can utilize to track, manage, and maximize their drafts. INCLUDED with your 2016 subscription.
  • 2016 Excel Custom Cheat Sheet - All our projections in Excel for you to do as you please. Enter your specific scoring system and this tool re-sorts the players for your scoring system and automatically creates a cheat sheet that you can print out. INCLUDED with your 2016 subscription.
  • 2016 Target Matrix File – After reading our how-to article, form your own target matrix and maximize your draft with yet another intriguing approach to drafting.
  • 2016 SOS Excel Data Charts – View our current charts showing projections SOS for the whole season, first half, second half, and more.
  • 2016 ADP Data File – Our latest ADP data in Excel includes ADP for PPR, non-PPR, Average Auction $ Values, etc.
Printable PDF Worksheets – All laid out well for easy printing and viewing.
  • 2016 Rush Chart - Each team's schedule color-coded by ease vs. the run.
  • 2016 Pass Chart - Each team's schedule color-coded by ease vs. the pass.
  • 2016 Bye Week Sheet - Track your draft player's bye weeks as you draft them.
  • Roster Tracker Sheet - Track your drafted roster
  • Position Tracker Sheet - Track your positions drafted
  • Draft Tracker - Record each rounds of your draft on this sheet
Web site tools – Your subscription includes a ton of very useful tools to aid in your preparation and weekly maneuvering. 
2016 NOTE: We are working on numerous enhancements to our stat database this year and will be rolling out 3-5 new website tools (in addition to everything below) to help users go even deeper into player analysis for the preseason and regular season. The new site will be cleaner, more searchable and sortable, and will allow us to roll out a ton of new tools, such as a tool that measures things like points per snap, touch, etc.
  • MyGuru: Personalized portal to all of your fantasy football information. Create your own window to your fantasy teams in minutes and view custom news, stats, and projections on just those players, plus view suggested starting lineups for all your teams and switch from team-to-team at the click of a mouse. In just a few clicks, you can import your roster and/or scoring system from most of the big league management sites like Yahoo!, ESPN, CBS, NFL.com, MyFantasyLeague.com, etc. 2016 UPGRADE!  This year, users will be able to spot out available free agents in their leagues while viewing our content on our site (like our WW report) and you’ll also be able to pull in our opponents’ lineup to see how it stacks up to your team per our projections. LEAGUE IMPORT FEATURE INCLUDED with your 2016 subscription.
  • Guru Database: Deep statistical database of fantasy football information spanning the past 10 years. This gives us the ability to build software to isolate top performers, track points allowed by position and in your scoring system, compare one or more players in a variety of categories, compile accurate SOS data, and much, much more.
Features of the Guru Database Include:
  1. Highly searchable, sortable, and customizable.
  2. Easily sort through categories including pass targets, red-zone and goal-line carries/targets, and more.
  3. Individual game logs for all players and teams going back to 2002.
  4. Player Comparison tool allows you to compare multiple players in a variety of basic and advanced stat categories in chart form. 
  5. Team views that will show top performers on each team.
  6. Points allowed to different positions. See what teams are giving up the most/least points to each fantasy position for the season or a specific week range and also in YOUR scoring systems.
  7. Our "My Guru" portal online will deliver a ton of info to you customized to your league(s), and you can also take that wherever you go with our iPhone/iPad and Android app.
  8. Strength of Schedule ability to chart out SOS for the remainder of the season or a specific range for YOUR scoring systems.
  9. History tool can rank players for any week based on their average fantasy points per game against that week’s opponent. You can also view game logs for any player against any opponent for the last eight years. 
  10. IDP Stud report isolates top IDP performers. 
  • Fantasy Football Preseason/Regular Season Projections: Custom-built and sortable, expert offensive skill, special team, and IDP projections strictly based on your scoring methods, and includes kick returner projections for individual players and teams. You can also combine and view projections for WR/TE, RB/WR, RB/WR/TE, etc. Includes expert analysis for each player. Customizable projections includes Up and Down indicators to help you identify who’s on the move up and who’s on the move down. In addition, players are flagged as being injured, having favorable or unfavorable schedules, weather concerns, and more. Also included are preset scoring systems for PPR, ½ PPR, and more, plus popular public leagues such as Yahoo, Sportsline, and ESPN, and many high-stakes leagues.
  • Custom Cheat Sheet Tool: Customized rankings can be generated on the site in cheat sheet form (even one-page) for easy access and viewing in the preseason and for each week of the regular season. These are really useful during your draft! Note: In the preseason we also produce generic PPR and Non-PPR cheat sheets and top-200 cheat sheets in PDF form.
  • Stat-Based Projections: Each Tuesday morning, subscribers can view player projections for each upcoming week based solely on their scoring system(s) and the numbers each defense is giving up to every position. For example, if Green Bay’s opponent is giving up the most points per game to QBs in your scoring system in their last four games, then Aaron Rodgers will be ranked #1 at the QB position. These stat projections are offered for all positions and are all customized to your scoring systems. It’s a great way to get a jumpstart on the week to see what the numbers are saying about the upcoming matchups. On Tuesday evening, we then update our own weekly projections, which account for all factors, not just what the numbers say.
  • Roster Analyzer: Use this powerful tool to help with your lineup decisions. Once you have created your team in MyGuru (see above), simply check back here each week for our suggested starting lineup(s) based on our projections and your scoring system with one click of a button. These are updated 6-8 times per week during the season from Tuesday night right up until kickoff.
  • Trade Analyzer: Using similar technology as our Roster Analyzer, this tool allows you to enter two sides of a proposed trade. We will then analyze the deal based on your previously inputted/stored scoring system and our projections for the rest of the season and will indicate which side is more favorable. Not only that, but we will calculate a favorability scale for the deal, broken down by Heavily, Moderately, and Slightly favored.
  • Points Allowed Tool: For all positions, including IDPs, see what teams are giving up the most/least points to each fantasy position in your scoring system(s) over the schedule range you select. Say you’re facing a tough lineup decision at QB. Simply use this tool to see which one of your QBs’ opponents has given up more 
  • production to the position in YOUR scoring system. You can even sort by home/away and in wins/losses and view game logs for all teams and see exactly what they gave up to a specific position, including fantasy points in YOUR scoring system.
  • Strength of Schedule Tool: A purely statistical measure of the schedule for each team. We measure strength of schedule by looking at the fantasy points allowed by each team to a given position and then summing up and averaging those points over the schedule range you select. The SOS shown can be customized to YOUR league’s scoring system, so it’s SOS in YOUR league. Say you’ve been presented a trade, a RB for a RB. Simply use this tool to see which of the RBs has the easier remaining schedule (or whatever weekly range you want to use, next 3 games, 4, 5, etc.) in YOUR scoring system.
  • Matchup History Tool: Use this tool to see exactly what your players have done against this week’s opponent the last decade plus, including fantasy PPG in YOUR scoring system. Or, if you’re looking for a free-agent QB for a given week, you can see a ranking of all the league’s QBs (or any position) for any given week, sorted by their career fantasy points per game against that week’s opponent. Using this tool, you can easily find a FA who has a productive (preferably recent) history against 
  • his opponent that week. Also view game logs for all players against all opponents going back to 2002.
  • Player Comparison Tool: This powerful tool allows users to easily compare players in graph form and includes every possible position and stat (as well as fantasy points in your custom scoring system) possible. Compare players by advanced stats like yards per target, catch rate, goal-line carries, and much more.
  • Guru Glance: When you are navigating our site and database, you can click on any player’s name at any time and you’ll see that the table expands and includes a ton of information, at a quick “Guru Glance.” Let’s break down the information you can now see:
    1. Schedule – Comes in handy when you’re looking at a player. As the season progresses, you’ll see only his remaining games.
    2. Weather – This little widget from weather.com will show the current forecast in the city of his next game, which is something that will come in handy on game days when you’re looking at your players.
    3. Points Allowed – Next up, a nice little bar graph that will show your player’s next four opponents and the points allowed by his next four opponents in YOUR scoring system, using those opponents’ last four games. Good for giving you some perspective on players’ upcoming schedule. This will also show the player’s next opponent.
    4. History – Wondering how your guy has done against this week’s opponent? It will quickly show you how many points your guy has scored in YOUR scoring system against this week’s opponent the last three years, with the dates of those previous matchups.
    5. Remaining SOS – In addition to points allowed, we’ll show you in a chart how your player’s SOS ranks against the league average for the position, all, again, in YOUR scoring systems. This is good for when you’re looking at trades, preparing for the playoffs, etc.
    6. Player News – We don’t have a lot of room for this, but once we’re rolling with player news and information, you’ll see the latest news or injury bite about your player, with a link to his news page with all details.
  • Red-Zone Report: See who is the most active inside the 20 and also inside the 10. Keeps track of pass attempts, targets, rushing attempts, goal-line stats (inside 
  • the 10),
  • Leaders: Not only can you see all the league leaders in your scoring system(s) for the season, a range of weeks, even Home/Away splits, but you can also sort by things like pass targets, goal-line carries, and more.
  • IDP-Stud Report: Keep track of the defensive leaders easily and effectively. Track all major defensive stats as well as who’s creating most of the opportunities for their team with overall contribution percentages.
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Preseason Content – An Overview
These HUGE updates will be posted on a continuing and very regular basis throughout the preseason. It will give you absolutely everything you'll need for your draft.
Note: A lot of this content will also be available via our “MyGuru” iPhone/iPad & Droid app.

Updated Daily/Continually
  • NFL and Fantasy News Feed: Our steady stream of NFL news, injury reports, transactions, and more provides up-to-date information whenever you want it and is searchable by player and sortable by NFL team and also position.  
  • Player News & Notes: Updated daily throughout the preseason. Searchable and sortable updates on your players, all players, search by day, etc.
  • Injury Updates: Updated daily throughout the preseason. Searchable and sortable updates on your players, all players, search by day, etc. 
Updated Twice Weekly (or more frequently):
  • Custom Offensive and IDP Projections: Once you enter a team into MyGuru, you'll get customize projections for the preseason, and we update them at least twice a week (early in the week and later in the week) online, which will also update all projections for all our tools. We’ll generally update projections early and late in the week (typically late Monday night and Friday afternoon).
  • Excel-based, Web, and Smart Phone/Tablet Tools: Check above for information, but these tools are updated twice weekly (or more frequently) in the preseason, along with our projections and all the cheat sheets listed below.
  • Custom Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Create a custom 1-page cheat sheet (with several other viewing/printing options such as displaying player comments) with positional player rankings based on your custom scoring system. NoteYou can also create these with our Excel custom cheat sheet.
  • PPR Cheat Sheet (PDF) – Our PPR Cheat Sheet ranks 375+ players and defensive teams for yardage and TDs with PPR and is great if you want to use just one piece of paper to draft.
  • Non-PPR Cheat Sheet (PDF) – Our Non-PPR Cheat Sheets rank 375+ players and defensive teams for yardage and TDs with PPR and is great if you want to use just one piece of paper to draft.
  • Non-PPR Top-200 Overall (PDF): This 1-page PDF cheat sheet is a nice reference tool and lists position, projected points, and has highlighted our players to target from picks 1-200.
  • PPR Top-200 Overall (PDF): This 1-page PDF cheat sheet is a nice reference tool and lists position, projected points, and has highlighted our players to target from picks 1-200.
  • IDP Cheat Sheet: We’ll rank the IDPs and help you locate the players who’ll get you sacks, tackles, and interceptions. And we constantly update throughout the preseason.
  • The Stock Watch: If you’re looking to read one main article each week to keep up with all the preseason action, this is it. This in-depth article will detail which players’ (offensive and defensive) stock is rising and which players’ stock is falling, with detailed reasons why. This feature is produced in bulk very early in the week in the preseason and is constantly updated all week, so you’ll always know who’s on the rise and decline.
  • Training Camp Battles: A very extensive and constantly updated look at this year’s key training camp battles (usually 65-70 battles), with key information typically obtained from NFL insiders on our payroll. It’s the best and most up-to-date and comprehensive look at position battles that you’ll find online this summer.
  • Depth Charts: Updated twice weekly. Easily view/print our depth charts in their entirety, by team, even sort by rookie players or players currently injured. Also gives our projected 3rd-down back, goal-line back, and more. Includes notes on any changes/injuries of note.
Updated Weekly (or more frequently):
  • Exhibition Game Reviews: Extensive reviews of each exhibition game, with everything you should know about them. There’s no need for you to research what happened in these games; we’ll have it all covered with our game reviews.
  • 2016 Draft Plan: In perhaps our most popular preseason fantasy football strategy article, Publisher John Hansen takes a look at the talent at each position and all the trends we’re seeing in the hundreds of drafts we observe to give you a definitive plan of action for your 2016 draft. Who should you be targeting? What positions do you need to address early? Which can you hold off on? Should you take your TE early? It’s all covered here position-by-position, round-by-round, and pick-by-pick. Constantly updated throughout the preseason and covers all the current trends and more.
  • 2016 8-Team Draft Plan: Hansen also maps out of a plan of action for those in very small leagues and offers advice on how to approach your small league’s draft, where most teams should be stacked with talent. 
  • 2016 15-Team Draft Plan: By covering a plan of action for a 15-team league, Hansen dissects a plan of action that is applicable for those in 14 and 16-team leagues.
  • Good Vibes/Bad Vibes: In another one of Publisher John Hansen’s signature preseason pieces, he covers all the overall “vibes” for each team in the preseason and relates them to the fantasy values of their players. This highly anticipated article is updated weekly (and sometimes daily) and has consistently isolated teams (and thus, players) that have fallen well short of expectations for the season or have greatly exceeded expectations.
  • 2016's Values & Players to Target: We isolate some of the players we like as values or specific players to target for various reasons at various stages of a draft (Round 1-3, 4-6, etc.) and offer a ton of analysis why we like them and when you should be targeting them. Last year’s list included productive players mostly drafted outside of the top-25 overall like: Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, Eli Manning, Matthew Stafford, Tyrod Taylor, Todd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Doug Martin, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram, Danny Woodhead, Latavius Murray, Jonathan Stewart, David Johnson, Jeremy Langford, Matt Jones, T.J. Yeldon, Duke Johnson, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Brandin Cooks, Amari Cooper, Keenan Allen, Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown, Tyler Eifert, Antonio Gates, and Travis Kelce.
  • 2016’s Overvalued & Players to Avoid: Last year’s list included players like:  Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Melvin Gordon, Tre Mason, Arian Foster, Alfred Morris, Joique Bell, Reggie Bush, Andre Johnson, Torrey Smith, Davante Adams, Percy Harvin, Kevin White, Julius Thomas, Zach Ertz, and Josh Hill. It’s a constantly updated look at some players you should avoid overpaying for or avoid completely this year, with reasons why. We look at scheme, player’s role, strength of schedule, injuries, and more.  
  • ADP Analysis: In one of our most popular features, our ADP (Average Draft Position) experts scan as many drafts as possible to determine the top-200 players' ADP. We also offers up extensive analysis of the summer's draft trends and which players are going too early and which players are sliding too far. You’ll not only know which players to take, but when to take them for those in 8, 10, 12 and 14-team leagues. This feature is updated weekly throughout the preseason.
  • Snapshot of an Average Draft: Constantly updated, we tell you how many players at each position are being drafted in each round and more, so you know what to expect.
  • Draft Position Strategy: We map out a plan of action for each area of a draft, such as picking early in the first round. We’ll help you if you have an early, mid, or late pick in the first round.
  • 2016 Rookie Report: In our very extensive coverage, we rank the year's rookies and offer in-depth analysis on their 2016 values and keeper-league values. It’s constantly updated throughout the preseason and very detailed, also including keeper league rankings and overviews. 
  • Mr. Relevant: Your extensive guide to getting the best player available with your last or next-to-last picks. Last year, this guide advised to take a shot late on viable and productive players such as: Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota, Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, David Johnson, Matt Jones, Jeremy Langford, Ronnie Hillman, James Starks, Allen Hurns, Leonard Hankerson, Kamar Aiken, Jordan Reed, and Richard Rodgers.
  • Expert Fantasy Football Mock DraftsFantasyGuru.com experts and some of the top minds in fantasy football will participate in and analyze 20+ mock and real drafts to help our readers get a feel for their 2016 drafts. We’ll run and analyze drafts for 8, 10, 12, and 14-team leagues plus 2-QB leagues, IDP leagues, and more.
  • More Fantasy Football Mock Draft Analysis: In addition to publishing our results and analysis of “Expert Drafts,” we’ll participate in numerous “regular” fantasy drafts to give a clearer picture of the fantasy draft landscape in the real world. We’ll organize (among subscribers) and analyze 3-4 mock drafts a week in the preseason.
  • Special Team Previews: Although they are often overlooked by others, we preview each kick return game and rank all 32 teams based on their return game prowess and potential.
  • Kick Returner Previews: Our special team’s expert will preview and cover extensively the top-50 return men in the league with analysis, projected stats, and more. It’s updated weekly throughout the preseason as things develop.
  • Return Men/Offensive Previews: If your league awards extra points for return production for offensive and even defensive players, we’ve got you covered this year.
 Updated Periodically:
  • 2016 Player Profiles: Previews for the approximately top-300 skill players. Each player preview includes an analysis of the player’s talent, coaching/ system, durability, supporting cast, job security, 2016 strength of schedule, and our gut feeling. These previews in 2016 totaled well over 400,000 words, with no fluff and include tons of hard-to-find stats that put the player’s 2016 season in greater perspective. If you’re looking for detailed information and analysis, this is the place to go!
  • Defensive Team Previews: Similar to our Player Previews, we preview each team defense in a variety of categories, including overall, turnovers/TDs, sacks, points given up, etc.
  • Offensive Line Previews: Perhaps nothing is more important to the success of an offense than the offensive line. While O-lines are often overlooked by others, we preview each offensive line in great detail and analyze how it will affect the fantasy production for its team. We’ll wrap it up by telling you if the lines will be better, worse, or the same for the run and the pass. The rankings are produced by OL expert Lance Zierlein, who’s spent 30 years around offensive lines due to his father Larry, who is an OL coach for the Arizona Cardinals (and Larry’s impact really helped the Cardinal line 2014-2015).
  • 2016’s Top Backups: We take an extensive position-by-position look at the top back-up players at QB, RB, and WR. Some of these players you’ll want to draft late to protect your starters or even to stash away for a rainy day. Last year in this article we said good things and ranked highly on our positional lists the following 2015 preseason backups who made impacts were: Brock Osweiler, DeAngelo Williams, Javorius Allen, Jeremy Langford, Ronnie Hillman, Matt Jones, James Starks, and Leonard Hankerson.
  • 2016 Break-out WRs: Our annual and very extensive look at those WRs and TEs entering their second and third seasons, when they should be ready to break out. We’ll break all the second and third-year WRs and TEs into various tiers so readers know which of these players has a good chance, a decent chance, or little chance to break out in 2016. This article in 2015 ranked high and featured emerging players like: Brandin Cooks, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson, Martavis Bryant, John Brown, Donte Moncrief, Tyler Eifert, and Jordan Reed.
  • PPR Gold: Each year we offer an extensive preview of the RBs, WRs, and TEs who should be more valuable and/or sleepers for those in PPR leagues, and we constantly update the list through the preseason. We also break the players down into target groups for early, middle, and late rounds. Last year’s article ranked highly and featured non-obvious players like: Duke Johnson, Charles Sims, Danny Woodhead, Theo Riddick, Devonta Freeman, Jarvis Landry, DeAndre Hopkins, Jordan Matthews, Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith, Allen Robinson, Tyler Eifert, and Delanie Walker.
  • 2016 RB Handcuffs: Throughout the preseason and weekly throughout the regular season, we update readers on who the best RB handcuffs for each “starter” should be. Some teams don’t have an ideal handcuff, but we give you the best overview of how to protect your RB studs with back-up RB info for all 32 teams.
  • 2016's TD Vultures: This extensive and constantly updated preseason feature profiles the RBs, WRs, and TEs who should be particularly active inside the red zone and in goal-line situation, thus giving them a good chance to score TDs.
  • 2016's Contract Year Players: An extensive and regularly updated look at those players entering the final years of their contracts with tons of analysis. This article focuses on the player’s potentially-higher-than-usual motivation for the upcoming season. While being in a contract year is only one small factor to consider when looking at a player, we cover it comprehensively.
  • 2016 Coaching Changes: We analyze the fantasy implications of each of 2015's coaching changes, including coordinator changes. Our NFL insiders will give you the skinny on all of this year’s changes and how they will affect fantasy production in ’15 by reviewing all moves of note and discussing the coaches’ histories, philosophies, and more.  
  • Capital Gains: Draft Strategies & Tactics: Learn how to dominate your fantasy draft by employing strategies utilized by some of the best investors and venture capitalists in the world. This is one of the best-written fantasy articles you’ll read all year, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jeff Brazil.
  • Trading Strategies: We offer up a plethora of tips and trading strategies to help you form the best team possible.
  • 2-QB League Strategies: Joe Dolan provides you with plenty of thoughts, tips, and strategies for leagues that allow you to start 2 QBs, plus we offer statistical breakdowns that support our approach in these types of leagues.
  • General Draft Strategies: Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll be well covered when it comes to fantasy football draft strategy articles.
  • Trading Draft Picks: We give you some tips and a fantasy draft pick value chart to help you trade picks before your draft.
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Statistical Analysis Articles:
We will crunch the numbers and publish numerous statistical studies to give you an even greater advantage over your competition. The charts will analyze last year's numbers together with this year's schedule, and include things like:
  • 2016 Catch Rate and Yards per Target Analysis - We analyze all the data from 2015 and let you know which RBs, WRs, and TEs exceled in these two critical categories.
  • Projected 2016 Strength of Schedule: With extensive analysis of the SOS ramifications for players and teams, broken down for the run and the pass.
  • Projected 2016 DT Strength of Schedule: We look at every matchup for every team to get a better handle on all 32 DT’s prospects for fantasy, based on those matchups.
  • SOS for the Fantasy Playoff Weeks: With extensive analysis on the SOS ramifications on players and teams for Weeks Thirteen through Seventeen.
  • Target Matrix: Resident stat-head Mike Horn bring us his yearly draft article on using matrices to identify players to target.
  • Proven Performers: Each year we look at past performances for QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs to break them down to see how it might relate to this coming year.
  • Offensive Identities: We look at ALL 32 coaching philosophies to determine how it will help or hurt players' production in 2016.
  • 2016 Identity Series – Stat savant Mike Horn will give deep historical data for all 32 offensive coordinators in 2016 to give you each new coach’s background and 
  • history of positional fantasy production.  
  • QBs Changing Teams: We examine how changing teams affects a QB's performance and break it down statistically.
  • Break-out Rates: We look at NFL draft position and experience to determine likely break-out candidate.
  • QBs Staying on Top: We look at this past year's top-10 QBs and try to identify those who are likely to repeat their success.
  • Expected TDs for WRs: Through statistical analysis, we tell you what receivers will score more (or fewer TDs) in 2016.
  • SOS Adjusted QB Scores for 2015: We examine which QBs scored more or fewer than expected points in 2015, based on their schedules.
  • SOS Adjusted RB Scores for 2015: We examine which RBs scored more or fewer than expected points in 2015, based on their schedules.
  • SOS Adjusted WR Scores for 2015: We examine which WRs scored more or fewer than expected points in 2015, based on their schedules.
  • Playing Games: We crunch the numbers and look at which players are most likely to play a near-full season in any given year.
  • Red-Zone Analysis: Going over the RZ activity from 2015.
  • Pass-Target Analysis: Going over the PT activity from 2015.
  • 2015's 300/100 Yard Bonus Analysis - A detailed breakdown of the top-250 players and how many times they eclipsed 300 yards passing or 100 yards rushing or receiving.
  • 2015's Distance-scoring Analysis - We break down the distance of each of the league's top-250 players for those who get distance-scoring bonuses.
  • And at least 20 more statistically based articles suggested by our readers!
Keeper/Dynasty Content: 
  • Keeper League Rankings: Constantly updated, we rank over 400 skill players with comments and insight as to whether or not they have the potential to finish higher or lower than our rankings (upside/downside). Also available is startup keeper/dynasty league cheat sheet in PDF form, with players ranked for the next 2-3 years.
  • Keeper/Dynasty League Draft Plan: If you’re starting a new keeper or dynasty league, we’ll give you a 2016 plan of action with players to target, values to steal, and more.
  • Keeper League Strategies: We give you a ton of keeper league tips and strategies, as well as a definitive plan of action for new keeper league participants.
  • Dynasty League Strategies: More tips and strategies for dynasty league owners.
  • Keeper Stock Watch: We’ll periodically chime in when we see a player who may be emerging as a viable keeper prospect or if a player’s about to lose some keeper value.
IDP Content
  • IDP Draft Plan: We give you a plan of action for your IDP draft by explaining how to use your league structure to know when to address IDP during your draft. 
  • Understanding IDPs: This is the ultimate IDP article for experts and novices alike. Learn which positions in which schemes are good for fantasy, and much, much more.
  • Understanding Basic Defensive Concepts – We explain how you can better understand the league’s defensive concepts (3-4, 4-3 defense, etc.) so you can better 
  • understand player values for IDP.
  • IDP ADP Analysis – Knowing when to draft your IDPs can be challenging, so we review the trends and help give you a better idea on when you should be selecting IDPs in a draft that is mostly comprised of skill players. 
  • IDP Position Eligibility – It varies across major game-hosting websites, so we give you the skinny on what to expect.
  • IDP Stock Watch: Upgrades and Downgrades from the IDP world will be covered here and updated regularly in the preseason.
  • 2016 IDP Rookie Report: The top-30 rookies for IDP leagues, constantly updated in the preseason.
  • 2016 IDP Values & Sleepers: A constantly updated and extensive look at this year's IDP choices. We look at emerging young players, players who benefit from a scheme change, and more.
  • 2016 IDP Top-100 Overall: The meat and potatoes of our preseason IDP content, we offer up rankings and insightful analysis for the top-100 IDP players overall, and we constantly update it throughout the preseason.
  • 2016 IDP Strategy, Tactics: Pulitzer prize winning author and IDP veteran Jeff Brazill follows up on his offensive tactics article with an IDP version you can use to gain an advantage drafting IDPs.
  • What is IDP? – Our IDP Guru will give you a general overview of what IDP leagues are and how to implement IDP into your league.
  • Adding IDPs to your league – This is yet another article that will give you tips on how to add IDPs to your traditional league.
Auction Content:
  • Auction Guru Excel Tool - Before your draft, you will enter all the basic info for your league (scoring system, number of players in your league, number of players at each position, etc.). At the start of the draft, the tool will have an estimated “highest bid” for each player. In addition to using our projections as the baseline for dollar values, we’ll actually be incorporating Mike Horn’s 2016 Price Tiers for the various positions into this tool, so it will have 2016-specific auction intelligence built into the tool. As people get drafted, you enter the bid amount and the team they went to. The tool would then do real-time update values for players (based on our projections), adjusting for factors like: owners over or under-bidding for players (adjusts value of other guys left), whether people have filled their slots for starters and likely reserves, and other key stuff. It will essentially give you updated “best bids” based on how the draft has gone so far.
  • 2016 Auction Draft Reviews – We’ll participate and analyze several “expert” and non-expert auction drafts. 
  • 2016 Auction Values Overview: Determining auction ranges isn’t an exact science, but we’ll be using a combination of our season projections and Mike Horn’s 2016 value chart to set ranges. These will be updated throughout the preseason in conjunction with our projection updates.
  • Auction Cheat Sheet - In PDF form, use this handy sheet to manage your auction and rest easy knowing our price tiers are always updated (weekly) and are in conjunction with our projections.  
  • Auction Draft Plan: Similar to our 2016 Draft Plan, we give you an extensive plan of action for your Auction Draft. Our seasoned pros will give you the most insightful auction strategies available on the planet. It is pages and pages of sharp insight.
  • Everything about Auctions – If you’re new to auction drafts, this article will give you a nice overview of what they’re all about and will cover possible draft setups, strategies, and more.
  • Average Auction Values: The average $ values for all key players right now, along with highest- and lowest-observed bids along with analysis on the players who are moving up and down the board.
  • Auction Best Practices: This strategy piece will break down your best practices for handling your auction draft and will cover the keys to maximize it.  
  • Nine Possible Auction Teams: We’ll break down nine possible auction teams, all using the salary cap, and review the pros and cons of all of them.
  • Predicting Auction Values: We detail how to use historical data from your leagues to predict auction prices this year.
  • How to “Cheat” at your Auction – It sure feels like cheating when you’re extremely prepared, and this article will help you be extremely prepared.
And more auction strategy articles.
General Articles
  • 2015's Lessons Learned: We apply the lessons fantasy owners should have learned from 2015 season. It’s a detailed review of the previous year with an eye toward what we can take out of it for the upcoming 2016 season.  
  • Commissioning Guide: We produce a complete “Idiot's Guide to Commissioning.” From setting up leagues to handling the malcontents, we will fill you in on what you need to know for regular, keeper, and dynasty leagues. In addition, we will offer up a laundry list of unusual and interesting league rules for your consideration.
  • Keeper League Setup Guide: Everything you need to know about setting up and running a keeper league.
  • Auction Draft Setup Guide: What you need to know to run a successful auction draft.
  • More Fantasy Football Strategy Articles: We always wind up producing several strategy articles in the summer that we do not exactly plan on doing beforehand. 
PDF Worksheets
Print these out and take to your draft.
  • Bye Week Sheet - Track your players’ byes.
  • Schedule Grid - NFL schedule on one sheet.
  • Roster Sheet - Track your drafted roster.
  • Position Tracker - Track positions drafted.
  • Draft Tracker - Record each round.
  • NFL Schedules – 2016 NFL Schedule color-coded for H/A games.
  • Back-up QBs - Best backups for quick reference when looking for a viable back-up QB to your starter.
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Regular Season Issues – An Overview
Note: A lot of this content will also be available via our “MyGuru” iPhone/iPad & Droid app.
  • The Waiver Wire: This column will fill you in on a range of players who are worth picking up and who should be available in your league. We rank all the WW players by position and break them down into players who could be available in smaller, medium, and larger leagues, and even some guys to pick up for later in the season or long shots to take a flyer on. Of course, we have extensive analysis on each player, which includes critical data like pass targets, goal-line touches, and player snap counts. The average report will include 10,000 words with no fluff! 
  • Monday Injury Roundup: We track the status of the week’s injured players, with an early outlook for the upcoming week. We also update these as information comes in on Monday afternoon/evening.
  • The Stock Watch: An extensive weekly feature detailing which players’ (offensive and defensive) stock is rising or falling, with reasons why. Usually covers 35-40 players, so it's not just the obvious ones. It’s a great way to wrap up the week that was in fantasy football. You’ve likely seen the stock market analogy before – but we were the first to do it. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Inside the Boxscore: No time to watch all the games? No problem! Each week, we look at every play from every game and offer up interesting and hard-to-find stats and game analysis from strictly a fantasy perspective. During the season, we track the number of passes thrown to each receiver, goal-line carries and looks, deep passes players have had thrown to them, and more. We spot the trends before they are trends. Again, we were the first to do such analysis starting in the late ‘90s. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • IDP Stock Watch/Waiver Wire: The week’s risers and fallers from an IDP perspective, plus WW options for IDP leagues.
NoteOur player projections are PPR by default, but users can create a non-PPR scoring system in 5 seconds and can then toggle to non-PPR projections throughout the season. Of course, they can fully customize their projections by setting a team up in MyGuru.
  • Custom Season Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the rest of the season. Includes expert analysis for each player. Customizable projections includes Up and Down indicators to help you identify who’s on the move up and who’s on the move down from the previous week. We include our projected weekly averages for yards and TDs for each player. These are a great reference point for those looking to make trades, work the WW, and more. These are usually released around 12 PM ET each Tuesday. 
  • Custom Weekly Statistical Projections: Each Tuesday morning you can log on and view weekly offensive and IDP projections that are based 100% on the numbers. For those looking for immediate insight on the coming week, these projections are based 100% on the numbers each team is giving up to each position in YOUR scoring system, so you can clearly see which players have the best and worse matchup by the numbers for the upcoming week.
  • Custom Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: In 2014 we bumped up the release of our initial weekly offensive and IDP projections to late Tuesday night and we’ll be striving to release them earlier in 2016. Although that is very early in the week and there are always situations we can’t properly handicap on a Tuesday, we know a lot of our readers would like to see early projections Tuesday night to help their WW decisions.  
  • The Waiver Wire: We update our extensive WW column as information regarding injuries and expected playing time for the upcoming week becomes available.
  • Monday Night Wrap-up: We produce a Stock Watch and go Inside the Boxscore for the Monday Night game. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Tuesday Morning Injury Roundup – We track the status of the week’s injured players, with an early outlook for the upcoming week. We even update these as more information comes in on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday News & Notes: An early-week look around the league, with pertinent and informative fantasy-related tidbits. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Players to Trade and Trade for: One of our most valuable features because of its accuracy, we take a detailed look at all players and list those you should seriously consider trading or trading for, based mostly on their current perceived values versus their future potential. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Keeper & Dynasty Watch: This weekly column will simply cover any young player who might be emerging or even might have started something close to an emergence the previous week. This article will probably be more slanted toward emerging players for dynasty leagues, since viable players in a keeper league that retains 3-5 players will be covered extensively throughout the site. The primary goal of this article is to give readers the heads-up on emerging young players who could be very relevant the following year. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Defensive Team Report: For those into “streaming” defenses and playing the matchups each week, we give you the best 5-7 options for the upcoming week based on a variety of factors.
  • “Through the Wire” Podcast: Each Tuesday, join Paul Kelly and Senior Writer Tom Brolley for a look at the top WW pickups for the week. This podcast will be recorded during the day. 
  • Updated Depth Charts: Offensive and IDPs included with comments on position battles, temporary roles, injuries, etc.
  • (Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom-built and sortable, expert offensive and IDP projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Projections include expert analysis for each player. 
  • #AskGuru Podcast: Each Wednesday at Noon, Managing Editor Joe Dolan along will answer your questions from social media using the hashtag #askguru. Since we can't possibly answer all the questions we receive, this is our way to getting to a lot of them at one time.
  • Production Tracker Report: One of our most popular features, we go team-by-team and report on the actual production each team is giving up to each of the skill positions in their recent games (we typically go back 3-4 games). This detailed report really gives a comprehensive overview of what each defense is giving up production-wise to each position. It not only goes over all the numbers; it also goes inside the numbers and explains them. For example, if a team isn’t giving up a lot 
  • of production but hasn’t played a good offense in weeks, that will be pointed out. Or if the numbers are skewed because of 1-2 games, it will cover that. It’s an excellent tool to use to make weekly lineup decisions, trades, and more. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Snap Report: In addition to listing all the actual snap numbers of all players for all 32 teams for each week of the season, we offer up insight on any noticeable trend in terms of a player who saw/is seeing more/fewer snaps for his team. This is a great way to gain an advantage over your competition, since tracking snap counts goes a long way toward discovering emerging players before they have truly emerged for the masses.
  • History Report – We offer up a brief overview the recent history (we don’t go back more than 1-2 years) and the players who have significantly good or bad history against this week's opponents.
  • Red-Zone Report – Just to make sure we leave no stone unturned, we crank out a quick overview of the previous week in terms of red-zone activity. Pass attempts, targets, rushing, etc. are covered on plays inside the 20 (red zone) and 10 (goal line).  
  • Place Kicker Recommendations: Our own Mike Horn’s impressive statistical formula for predicting kicker production each week hasn’t been equaled in the industry and is very accurate. So if you need a kicker for this week, or if you play the matchups each week, check here. This report enjoyed a 70% success rate when recommending kickers in 2015!
  • Wednesday Practice Roundup: Wednesday is typically the first day teams practice, and we'll have a comprehensive roundup with the status of all the key injured players that night, as opposed to the next day. Note: These reliable practice reports are quickly e-mailed to our mailing list for easy access and review on a mobile device with e-mail access. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • Matchup PodcastFantasyGuru.com's John Hansen is joined by Greg Cosell, the Senior Producer of the Matchup Show on ESPN. By this point in the week (Wednesday night this year), Greg's broken down hours and hours of coaches’ tapes from the week before, and he shares his insights with FantasyGuru.com subscribers. 
  • FantasyGuru.com on Strategy: Publisher John Hansen’s popular weekly column has looked at fantasy football strategies from a wide variety of angles, but this year we'll be getting extra insights from Managing Editor Joe Dolan and Senior Writer Tom Brolley. These will be on topics such as: team maintenance, with regard to player schedules; commissioning; understanding the trends; keeping up with the league's top back-up players who are only an injury away from starting; and much, much more. This column always includes tons of information and entertainment value. 
  • Mastering the Matchups with Greg Cosell - Subscribers have access to an elite NFL mind and one of the best matchup and personnel analysts in the country! Each week, Greg will feed our readers 10-12 non-obvious and specific matchups that he likes based on his extensive film study. These could be a slot receiver vs. a nickel corner, and seam-stretching TE vs. a shaky LB/S group, or even a defensive front vs. a particular OL. Our readers will be armed with exclusive and unique content that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Thursday Player Report – We’ll offer a detailed breakdown of the Thursday Night Football game that is broken down by position and covers all the relevant stats, matchup information, and much more as we preview the game’s fantasy assets. Our new format will make it easier for our users to quickly find the starts, sits, sleepers and reaches, plus strong DFS plays for the Thursday game(s).
  • (Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive and IDP projections, strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Wednesday practices.
  • Staff Picks: Our staff will list their winners for the week (no point spread) and we'll give you our best Survivor Pool plays.  
  • Thursday Night Practice Report: We'll again have a roundup with the status of all the key injured players as of the Thursday practices. Note: These reliable practice reports are quickly e-mailed to our mailing list for easy access and review on a mobile device with e-mail access. Available online and also e-mailed.
Friday Report:
  • Friday News & Notes: A late-week look around the league, with pertinent and informative fantasy-related tidbits regarding player roles, injury replacements, and more. 
  • Trending Topics: Due to our interactions on Twitter and on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, we’re in touch with the pulse of fantasy players in terms of the questions they have or the lineup changes they are considering each week. So we’ll be covering them along with our analysis and spin each Friday. For example, say a starting RB is out for a given week and you’ve picked up his backup. But do you start him that week? Very current topics will be covered each week.
  • (Updated) Customized Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive and IDP projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Thursday practices.
  • Weekly Player Report – We’ll offer a detailed breakdown of the week’s action that is broken down by position and covers all the relevant stats, matchup information, and much more as we preview the game’s fantasy assets. Our new format will make it easier for our users to quickly find the starts, sits, sleepers and reaches, plus strong DFS plays for the Thursday game(s). 
  • IDP Previews: A position-by-position look, with analysis on all players of note, IDP style. We go over the no-brainer starts, the matchup plays, guys to bench for the week, and more.
  • Kick Returner/Special Team Report: We even rank, project, and analyze the top-50 kick returners for each week.
  • Expert Chat: Chat with a FantasyGuru.com senior staff member on Friday afternoon.
  • Friday Night Injury Roundup: We'll again have a full roundup of the final practices of the week with the status of all the key injured players as of the crucial Friday practices. Note: These reliable practice reports are quickly e-mailed to our mailing list for easy access and review on a mobile device with e-mail access. Available online and also e-mailed.
  • (Updated) Custom Weekly Player Rankings & Projections: Custom built and sortable, expert offensive and IDP projections strictly based on your scoring methods for the upcoming week. Includes expert analysis for each player and updated through Friday practices. 
  • Waiver Wire: A final late-week update of our current WW report will include key late information on possible WW pickups due to injury situations and more. Because so many leagues are different in size, our WW recommendations are very deep and go from any obvious pickups to the deepest of the deepest viable options – and in this report, it’s all updated through the final Friday practices.  
Sunday Morning/Afternoon:
  • Quick Sunday Update: We'll have a quick update available on the Web (and also e-mailed) by 10 a.m. ET. The length of this report is dependent upon the number of key injuries still up-in-the-air as of Sunday. Available online and also e-mailed. 
  • Hansen’s Hints: With all the information other than the actual inactives in for the week, Publisher John Hansen goes game-by-game and offers up an extensive last-minute look at the matchups and players of note and lists players looking better than usual and reaches for each team/game. If you’re looking for a quick but comprehensive overview of the matchups, injuries, and player outlooks for the games, this is the place to go.
  • Game-Time Injury Updates: We continue to update the injury situations online until the start of the 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. games, posting important inactives and lineup changes as reported by the teams. We even e-mail breaking news updates when major news breaks, and we can hit our entire mailing list in less than 5 minutes. Our Sunday update pages refreshes automatically, so simple sit back and watch the updates come in on all key inactives, lineup notes, and rumors on gameday.    
  • Weather Updates: If there's a weather-related problem – like rain, snow, sleet, mud, wind – in a particular city, we'll let you know about it here.
  • Game-Day Twitter Updates: We’re around all day on gameday to post quick thoughts, observations, and tidbits via our Twitter feed, which automatically appears on the Subscriber Homepage.   
  • Playoff League Report: For those who redraft just for the postseason, we produce a very large playoff preview issue, complete with each team's playoff outlook, tips for drafting, player rankings, sleepers, news and injuries, and more. 
  • Playoff Updates: Each week before the weekend games, we offer game/ player previews, player rankings, injury updates, picks against the spread, and more for those who can re-draft just for that week.
Off-Season Reports:
All 2016 subscribers are automatically placed on FantasyGuru.com’s off-season report mailing list. Stay on top of all the off-season events and enjoy some early speculation by receiving an e-mail report from us at least once a month from January through June.
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