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One of the oldest and most respected fantasy football services on the Internet, we've delivered the most innovative strategies, perspectives, predictions, player projections, and cool web-based tools on the market since 1995. If you're going to subscribe to a service, wouldn't you want it to be with an industry pioneer still on the cutting edge?
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No company has dominated the fantasy football industry's "Expert Leagues" and polls than us. In 2013, we finished 3rd out of 130+ experts/sites in Fantasy Pros' preseason draft accuracy challenge. Our subscribers also won WCOFF in 2010 and 2006 and NFFC titles in 2013, 2011, 2009 and 2008. These six readers alone won $900,000 in '06-'13.
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We were the first fantasy football web site to provide content for back in 1996, and we've been regularly seen and heard on NFL Network, Sirius NFL Radio, Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio, Comcast Sportsnet, and many more media outlets since then. Merged with in 2008, we're the most "connected" fantasy sports service around, we have access to NFL coach's tape and interact with NFL players, coaches, analysts, agents, and insiders to give our subscribers the inside scoop.
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In our first year participating in Fantasy Pros' 2013 Preseason Draft accuracy challenge, we finished 3rd out of 130+ experts/sites.